High Quality Packaging Materials

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

LLDPE Stretch Film

  • Common for packaging large building materials, export and cartons and other items packaging, but also can be used for home relocation, mail parcels, warehouse logistics and transport

  • High transparency, strong tensile properties, easy to pierce

  • Good self-adhesive and retraction function, moisture-proof anti-theft

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  • Widely used in different types of warehouses, logistics and transport industry necessary

  • With different sizes, can increase the flexibility of use and will not cause any waste

  • Strong sticky, strong pull and not easy to break, sealing is strong and convenient

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Double Side Foam Tape


  • Can be applied to wall hooks, billboards, logo display, glass surface and metal products

  • With cushioning and other functions, strong viscosity, quality and stability


  • Can be used for building decoration, audio production, vehicle maintenance, industrial accessories, office and a variety of home applications

  • Selection of high-level environmentally friendly materials, with flame retardant, environmental protection, shock absorption and temperature and other functions. Especially strong sticky, may be on the market than ordinary white double-sided sponge sticky strong about 50%, even for rough surface, you can easily stick to the object, and stable and lasting

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Double Side Tape

  • Suitable for school work, creative handwork, office documents, photo posters and gift packaging for a long time

  • Can hand tear, the use of more convenient

  • Especially strong adhesion, anti-rebound warp, high stability

  • A variety of sizes to meet the needs of all walks of life

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Crepe Masking Tape

  • Suitable for paint engineering, garment industry, students and the United States and home furnishings configuration

  • Adopt a special glue formula, glue the average and will not leak plastic

  • Quality comparable to the US market well-known international brands

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Cloth Duct Tape

  • Applicable to wire, nail plate, pipe and mats, etc., part of the garment company to replace the use of water-free adhesive tape

  • The new improved version of glue, is characterized by strong sticky, and not easy to leak plastic, very suitable for the use of venues, exhibition essential

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Protection Tape

  • White protective film, can protect the aluminum windows and prevent the maintenance of flowers when the window frame, this product is a decoration repair film

  • Protective film has a good elasticity and adhesion, glue lasting and easy to leak plastic

  • Elastic and viscous quality than the same product on the market may be higher

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Nylon String Ball

  • For the daily life of the various types of strapping

  • With a strong pull, strong and easy to break

  • Soft texture and not cut hands, bright colors eye-catching

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Bubble Sheet

  • For all packaging, including furniture, electrical appliances, beauty skin care bottles, handicrafts, mechanical parts and all fragile goods, etc.

  • Gas beads full of uniform, with the effectiveness of buffer seismic, in the transport process, the goods get security defense

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Advertising Printing Tape

  • Advertising image packing tape made from BOPP polypropylene film, 8um - 28um layer formed after heating evenly coated pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion, then form BOPP tape parent roll, low cost and widely used in light industry, enterprises and individual living supplies

  • Product Feature : Good adhesive , high tensile strength, weather resistance, broad temperature ranges

  • Application : Packing carton boxes with automatic sealing machine, packaging for different kinds of cartons, paste firmly, play a role in protecting various items

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PVC Warning Tape

  • Feature : It takes the soft Polyvinyl Chloride Film (PVC) as backing, coated with special rubber pressure sensitive based adhesive, with characteristic of abrasion resistance, strong adhesion, tensile strength resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, oil resistance and easy peeling and non-adhesive residue

  • Main Usage : Widely used for lane marking, section segregatiing, color-coding, hazard warning labeling etc.